Worskshop Biodiversity

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Milano, 24-25 February 2011

Invited speakers

    Mohammed Jlibene (INRA, Maroc)
    Hamid Mahyou (INRA, Maroc)

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ABSTRACTS and PRESENTATIONS (last update: 15 March 2011. Further presentations will be available later on.)

''When discussions are being held, in different forums, about the loss of a myriad wildlife species and the concomitant loss of precious gene pools that accompany the loss of biodiversity caused by the relentless destruction of wildlife habitats by human activity and the indiscrimate catching and killing of wildlife, one immediately thinks of the disappearance of tropical rainforests and other similar ecosystems. Although, most likely, not comparable to the main global environmental problems, (...), the loss of biodiversity in agroecosystems is also a very important problem that, unfortunately, is not attracting much attention.

Agroecosystems are the living communities of soil, plants, and animals that constitute our farms, croplands, pastures, and rangelands. Since most of the crops and livestock we consume are produced by agroecosystems, we can safely say that our lives depend on them. Although it is true that agricultural land supports far less biodiversity than other areas, at the largest scale, the agroecosystems interact with today’s global economy, our society.''

(Biodiversity and agroecosystems, Alkorta, Albizu and Garbisu, Biodiversity and Conservation, 2003)

The workshop is a component of the project CYCAS-MED-Crop yield and climate change impacts on agriculture: adaptation strategies to desertification processes in the Mediterranean areas (Impatti dei cambiamenti climatici sulle produzioni agricole: strategie di adattamento ai processi di desertificazione nelle aree mediterranee) funded by Milano per la tutela della Biodiversità 2008. Institute of Biometeorology (CNR-IBIMET, Sassari), and Centre Régional de la Recherche Agronomique de Settat (CRRA-Maroc) were the main partners.

Scientific Commitee: Antonella Bodini (CNR-IMATI), Gianni Gilioli (Università di Brescia)

Organizing Commitee: Antonella Bodini (CNR-IMATI), Gabriella Bonfanti (CNR-IMATI)

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