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    • 04.21 D. Gospodinov and R. Rotondi
      Statistical analysis of triggered seismicity in Kresna region (SW Bulgaria, 1904) and Umbria-Marche region (Central Italy, 1997)
    • 03.01 R. Rotondi and G. Zonno
      Bayesian analysis of a probability distribution for the regional intensity attenuation
    • 02.02R. Rotondi and E. Varini
      Bayesian analysis of a marked point process: application in seismic hazard assessment
    • 00.21D. Gospodinov and R. Rotondi
      On the identification of the aftershock sequences of the 1904 and 1931 strong earthquakes in Kresna region, SW Bulgaria
    • 00.07C. Agostinelli and R. Rotondi
      Bayesian belief networks in the analysis of the stochastic dependence among interevent time and size of earthquakes
    • 99.21R. Rotondi and E. Garavaglia
      Statistical analysis of the completeness of seismic catalogues
    • 98.16 R. Rotondi and E. Garavaglia
      Analisi statistica della completezza di cataloghi sismici
    • 98.9 D. Gospodinov and R. Rotondi
      Exploratory analysis of marked Poisson processes applied to earthquake sequences
    • 98.4 A. Pievatolo and R. Rotondi
      Bayesian nonparametric approach to the multiple change-point problem: analysis of interarrival times between strong earthquakes
    • 98.2 A. Pievatolo and R. Rotondi
      Inferenza bayesiana per la distribuzione gamma generalizzata
    • 97.8 R. Rotondi
      On the efficiency of a MCMC algorithm: an application to the detection of multiple change-points in a sequence of seismic events
    • 97.2 R. Rotondi
      Statistical analysis of temporal variations of seismicity level in some Italian regions

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