Carla Brambilla

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Research interests
Some selected results of my work

  • Content-based digital-image classification method. (2013)
    Jointly with M. De Ponti, R. Schettini, A. Valsasna and G. Ciocca.
    US Patent n. 8452088. Patent owner STMicroelectronics.

  • Research and management oriented sampling plans for wine inhabiting Scaphoideus titanus grape leafhopper nymphs. (2013)
    Jointly with I. Rigamonti, V. Trivellone, M. Jermini and J. Baumgartner.
    Integrated Protection and Production in Viticulture IOBC-WPRS Bullettin, 85, 29-35.

  • Insight into ilness and subjective quality of life assessment in chronic schizophrenia. (2013)
    Jointly with C. Siu, O. Agid, M. Waye, G. Remington and P. Harvey.
    European Neuropsychofarmacology, 23, S297.

  • Bayesian tools for optimizing adaptive clinical trials. (2013)
    Jointly with C. Siu and F. Ruggeri.
    European Neuropsychofarmacology, 23, S307-S308.

  • Bayesian predictive power analysis for adaptive trial design and phase II dose-finding strategies. (2012)
    Jointly with C. Siu and F. Ruggeri.
    22nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology, Tochigi.

  • Probabilistic analysis of macroseismic fields: Iceland case study. (2012)
    Jointly with R. Rotondi, E. Varini and R. Sigbjornsson.
    15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisboa.

  • Bayesian analysis of weighted-Z tests in adaptive trial design. (2011)
    Jointly with C. Siu and F. Ruggeri.
    European Neuropsychofarmacology, 21, S614.

  • Absolute risk versus risk ratio in Framingham scoring algorithm for prevention of cardiovascular risk. (2010)
    Jointly with C. Siu.
    European Neuropsychofarmacology, 20, S327.

  • Comparing image preference in controlled and uncontrolled viewing conditions. (2010)
    Jointly with S. Zuffi, R. Eschbach and A. Rizzi.
    J. Electronic Imaging, 19 (4), 043014 (doi:10.1117/1.3514732).

  • Mining macroseismic fields to estimate the probability distribution of the intensity at site. (2009)
    Jointly with G. Zonno and R. Rotondi.
    Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 99 (5), 2876-2892.

  • Understanding the readability of colored text by crowd-sourcing on the Web. (2009)
    Jointly with S. Zuffi, G. Beretta and P. Scala.
    Technical Report HPL-2009-182 HP Laboratories Palo Alto.

  • Aspirin resistance determined with PFA-100 does not predict new thrombotic events in patients with stable ischemic cerebrovascular disease. (2009)
    Jointly with G. Boncoraglio, A. Bodini, E. Corsini, M.R. Carriero and E. Parati.
    Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, 111 (3), 270-273.

  • The intensity attenuation of Colfiorito and other strong earthquakes: the viewpoint of forecasters and data gatherers. (2008)
    Jointly with R. Rotondi, A. Tertulliani and G. Zonno.
    Annals of Geophysics, 51 (2/3), 499-507.

  • Web-based vs. controlled environment psychophysics experiments. (2007)
    Jointly with S. Zuffi, P. Scala and G. Beretta.
    Proc. IS&T/SPIE Image Quality and System Performance IV, San Jose', paper n.649407.

  • An effect of the PAI-1 4G/5G polymorphism on cholesterol levels may explain conflicting associations with myocardial infarction and stroke. (2006)
    Jointly with G. Boncoraglio, A. Bodini, M.R. Carriero, E. Ciusani and E. Parati.
    Cerebrovascular Diseases, 22 (3), 191-195.

  • A color selection tool for the readability of textual information on Web pages. (2005)
    Jointly with S. Zuffi and G. Beretta.
    Technical Report HPL-2005-216 HP Laboratories Palo Alto.

  • Automatic classification of digital photographs based on decision forests. (2004)
    Jointly with G. Ciocca, C. Cusano and R. Schettini.
    International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 18 (5), 819-845.

  • A hierarchical classification strategy for digital documents. (2002)
    Jointly with G. Ciocca, M. De Ponti, R. Schettini and A. Valsasna.
    Pattern Recognition, 35, 1759-1769.

  • Digital image sorting method by contents. (2001)
    Jointly with M. De Ponti, R. Schettini, A. Valsasna and G. Ciocca.
    Japan Patent n. 195592. Patent owner STMicroelectronics.

  • Detecting visual feature importance via tree classifiers. An experience. (2000)
    Jointly with I. Gagliardi, R. Schettini and A. Valsasna.
    Data Mining II, (N. Ebecken, C.A. Brebbia eds.), 487-493, Witt Press.

  • On the use of a regression model for ordinal scales for content-based image retrieval. (1999)
    Jointly with I. Gagliardi and R. Schettini.
    Proc. 14th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Graz, 452-455.

  • Tree-structured analysis of survival data: search for latent factors in a tumor study. (1998)
    Jointly with C. Rossi and G. Schinaia.
    Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, 13, 333-343.

  • Recenti sviluppi nella metodologia per l'analisi statistica di dati di sopravvivenza. Estensioni del metodo Cart. (1995)
    Clinimetria, (G. Fava, F. Pesarin, N. Sonino eds.), 145-152, Patron Editore.

  • An application of a tree structured method of classification to a problem related to the detection of Duchenne Muscolar Dystrophy carriers. (1992)
    Technical Report IAMI 92.15.

  • On the estimation of onset age distribution in Huntington's chorea via the EM algorithm. (1990)
    Jointly with M. Frontali, P. Malaspina and C. Rossi.
    Annals of Human Genetics, 54, 225-233.

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