reflexivity and semi-reflexivity   46A25  
refraction   535.324  
region # D    538.7672  
region # E    538.7673  
region # F    538.7674  
region # infrared    535.012  
region # ultraviolet    535.014  
region # visible    535.013  
regions # lattice points in specified    11P21  
regions # tolerance and confidence    62F25  
regions # tolerance and confidence    62G15  
regions xxxx # standard subdivisions of spectral    535.0101  
regions; philosophy and theory # spectral    535.01  
register sequences and sequences over finite alphabets # shift    94A55  
regression # general nonlinear    62J02  
regression # linear    62J05  
regression # nonparametric    62G08  
regression analysis   519.536  
regression; shrinkage estimators # ridge    62J07  
regular figures, division of spaces # polyhedra and polytopes;    51M20  
regular local rings   13H05  
regular neighborhoods   57Q40  
regular rings and generalizations # von_Neumann    16E50  
regular semigroups   20M17  
regular, Gorenstein, Cohen - Macaulay rings, etc.) # homological conditions on rings (generalizations of    16E65  
regular, normal, perfectly or collectionwise normal, etc.) # higher separation axioms (completely    54D15  
regularity of generalized solutions   35D10  
regularity of mappings # boundary    32H40  
regularity of measures, etc.) # set functions and measures on topological spaces (   28C15  
regularity of solutions   49N60  
regularity of solutions   74G40  
regularity of solutions   74H30  
regularity of solutions of PDE # smoothness and    35B65  
regularization # improperly posed problems;    65J20  
regularized determinants # Selberg zeta functions and    11M36  
Reinhardt, Hartogs, circular, tube) # special domains (   32A07  
Reisner rings; simplicial complexes # Face and Stanley -    13F55  
Reiten quivers # Auslander - Reiten sequences (almost split sequences) and Auslander -    16G70  
Reiten sequences (almost split sequences) and Auslander - Reiten quivers # Auslander -    16G70  
related (Oseen, etc.) flows # Stokes and    76D07  
related algebraic methods # quantum groups and    81R50  
related algebras # Lie algebras of vector fields and    17B66  
related algebras # Virasoro and    17B68  
related algebras (e.g., diagonalizable algebras) # provability logics and    03F45  
related algebras and groups # topological and    512.55  
related approaches # neural nets and    62M45  
related classical field theories # quantum field theory;    81Txx  
related constructions # Stone space and    06E15  
related constructions # ultraproducts and    03C20  
related constructions, group-theoretic treatment # loop groups and    22E67  
related deformations # quantum groups (quantized enveloping algebras) and    17B37  
related discontinuities # shocks and    74J40  
related equations # statistical solutions of the Navier - Stokes and    76D06  
related fixed point theorems # index theory and    58J20  
related methods # least squares and    93E24  
related methods # spectral and    74S25  
related notions # Turing machines and    03D10  
related numbers; inversion formulas # arithmetic functions;    11A25  
related propositions # axiom of choice and    03E25  
related questions # holomorphic mappings, (holomorphic) embeddings and    32H02  
related questions # triangulation and    32B25  
related questions # zeta-functions and    14G10  
related questions (modulus of continuity, semicontinuity, discontinuities, etc.) # continuity and    26A15  
related radiations # light and    535  
related rings # Witt vectors and    13K05  
related spaces # semialgebraic sets and    14P10  
related structures # homology and homotopy of topological groups and    57Txx  
related structures # lattices and    03G10  
related structures # topological linear spaces and    46Axx  
related structures; Mackey convergence, etc. # bornologies and    46A17  
related subjects # physiology and    571  
related systems # positivism (comtism) and    146.4  
related systems and doctrines # humanism and    144  
related systems and doctrines # idealism and    141  
related systems and doctrines # naturalism and    146  
related systems and doctrines # pantheism and    147  
related systems and doctriness # rationalism and    149.7  
related to algebraic numbers; Galois module structure of rings of integers # integral representations    11R33  
related to convexity # computational aspects    52B55  
related to evolution # problems    92D15  
related to logic # other algebras    03G25  
related to sound # vibrations    534.5  
related to topology or analysis # other groups    20F38  
related topics # applications to environmental and    62P12  
related topics # continuous geometries and    51D30  
related topics # fuzzy lattices (soft algebras) and    06D72  
related topics # macroeconomics &    339  
related topics # mixed volumes and    52A39  
related topics # multiplicity theory and    13H15  
related topics # neural networks artificial life and    92B20  
related topics # q$-calculus and    05A30  
related topics # ring extensions and    13Bxx  
related topics of discrete geometry # Erd\"os problems and    52C10  
related vibrations # sound and    534  
related with sums of squares (formally real fields, Pythagorean fields, etc.) # fields    12D15  
related) torsion # Whitehead (and    19J10  
relation algebras # cylindric and polyadic algebras;    03G15  
relation to computer science # discrete mathematics in    68Rxx  
relation to group representations # C^*$-algebras and $W^*$-algebras in    22D25  
relation to time # systems distinguished in    003.8  
relational database management systems # specific    005.7565  
relational databases   005.756  
relational systems, laws of composition   08A02  
relations # partition    03E02  
relations (multivalued linear operators) # linear    47A06  
relations and attitudes # social theologies and interreligious    291.17  
relations and attitudes # social theology and interreligious    261  
relations and correspondences   37F05  
relations and statistics # commutation    81S05  
relations between equivariant and nonequivariant homotopy theory   55P92  
relations other than differential equations # systems governed by functional    93C30  
relations with $K$-theory # polylogarithms and    11G55  
relations with algebraic geometry and topology   11F23  
relations with algebraic geometry, complex analysis, special functions   37K20  
relations with arrangements of hyperplanes   32S22  
relations with automorphic forms and functions) # analytic theory (Epstein zeta functions;    11E45  
relations with coding theory   11H71  
relations with cohomology theories   19E20  
relations with commutative algebra and algebraic geometry) # lattice polytopes (including    52B20  
relations with differential equations and $D$-modules # monodromy;    32S40  
relations with differential geometry   37K25  
relations with graph theory   57M15  
relations with hyperfunctions   58J15  
relations with infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and other algebraic structures   37K30  
relations with integrable systems   81R12  
relations with knot theory # Milnor fibration;    32S55  
relations with number theory and harmonic analysis   37A45  
relations with probability theory and stochastic processes   37A50  
relations with special manifold structures (Riemannian, Finsler, etc.)   58J60  
relations with the theory of $C^*$-algebras   37A55  
relations, additive relations # category of    18B10  
relations, lattices, ordered systems and structures   511.33  
relations, subrecursive hierarchies # recursive functions and    03D20  
relationship to integrable systems   14H70  
relationship to Lie algebras and finite simple groups   11F22  
relationship to moduli spaces, projective and moduli towers) # universal profinite groups (   14G32  
relationship to physics   14H81  
relationship to physics   14J81  
relative consistency and interpretations   03F25  
relative homological algebra, projective classes   18G25  
relativistic dynamics   70H40  
relativistic gravitational theories other than Einstein's, including asymmetric field theories   83D05  
relativistic hydrodynamics # quantum hydrodynamics and    76Y05  
relativity # general    83Cxx  
relativity # PDE in    35Q75  
relativity # special    83A05  
relativity and gravitational theory   83-XX  
relativity theory   530.11  
relaxation # methods involving semicontinuity and convergence;    49J45  
relaxation oscillations   34C26  
relaxation type # methods of    49M20  
relevance, entailment, linear logic, Lambek calculus, BCK and BCI logics) # substructural logics (including    03B47  
relevant commutative algebra   14A05  
reliability and life testing   62N05  
reliability, availability, maintenance, inspection   90B25  
reliability, demand theory, etc.) # applications (   60K10  
reliability, queueing networks, etc.) # applications of Markov renewal processes (   60K20  
reliability, testing and fault tolerance   68M15  
religion   200  
religion # comparative    291  
religion # science and    215  
religious and secular disciplines   291.175  
religious mythology, social theology, interreligious relations and attitudes   291.1  
remainders   54D40  
remainders in approximation formulas   41A80  
removable sets   32U30  
removable singularities   32D20  
renewal processes (reliability, queueing networks, etc.) # applications of Markov    60K20  
renewal processes, semi-Markov processes # Markov    60K15  
renewal theory   60K05  
renormalization   37F25  
renormalization # nonperturbative methods of    81T16  
renormalization # perturbative methods of    81T15  
renormalization and other field-theoretical methods   76F30  
renormalization group methods   81T17  
renormalization group methods   82B28  
renormalization group methods # dynamic    82C28  
renorming) of Banach spaces # isomorphic theory (including    46B03  
repeated games # multistage and    91A20  
repellers, topological structure # attractors and    37C70  
reports # buyers' guides and consumer    005.30296  
representable functors, universal constructions, reflective subcategories, reflections, etc.), constructions of adjoints (Kan extensions, etc.) # adjoint functors (   18A40  
representation # knowledge    006.332  
representation # knowledge    68T30  
representation # theta series; Weil    11F27  
representation and superposition of functions   26B40  
representation based systems # knowledge    006.33  
representation based systems # programming for knowledge    006.336  
representation based systems # programming languages for knowledge    006.3363  
representation based systems # programs for knowledge    006.338  
representation based systems for specific types of computers, specific operating systems, specific user interfaces # programming languages for knowledge    006.337  
representation by near-fields and near-algebras   51J20  
representation functions   11B34  
representation of semigroups; actions of semigroups on sets   20M30  
representation of the Lorentz group # structure and    22E43  
representation problems   11D85  
representation theory   515.7223  
representation theory   06B15  
representation theory   20G05  
representation theory   47A67  
representation theory # structure and    06D05  
representation theory of groups   20Cxx  
representation theory of rings and algebras   16Gxx  
representation theory) # Kac - Moody algebras (structure and    17B67  
representation type (finite, tame, wild, etc.)   16G60  
representation) # matrix mechanics (Heisenberg    530.122  
representation, record formats # data preparation and    005.72  
representation-theoretic methods; automorphic representations over local and global fields   11F70  
representation; digital problems # radix    11A63  
representations # applications of Lie groups to physics; explicit    22E70  
representations # C^*$-algebras and $W^*$-algebras in relation to group    22D25  
representations # finite-dimensional groups and algebras motivated by physics and their    81R05  
representations # Galois    11F80  
representations # Hecke algebras and their    20C08  
representations # induced    22D30  
representations # integral    11S23  
representations # minimal systems    93B20  
representations # other    11A67  
representations # other topological algebraic systems and their    22A30  
representations # quantum groups (quantized function algebras) and their    20G42  
representations # semisimple Lie groups and their    22E46  
representations (geometric and intersection representations, etc.) # graph    05C62  
representations and characters # modular    20C20  
representations and characters # ordinary    20C15  
representations and multipliers # projective    20C25  
representations by other particular quadratic forms # sums of squares and    11E25  
representations in the complex domain # asymptotic    30E15  
representations of (nonselfadjoint) operator algebras   47L55  
representations of algebraic systems # topological    54H10  
representations of Artinian rings   16G10  
representations of commutative topological algebras   46J25  
representations of entire functions by series and integrals   30D10  
representations of finite groups # integral    20C10  
representations of finite groups # p$-adic    20C11  
representations of finite groups of Lie type   20C33  
representations of finite symmetric groups   20C30  
representations of general topological groups and semigroups   22A25  
representations of group algebras   22D20  
representations of groups as automorphism groups of algebraic systems   20F29  
representations of groups, semigroups, etc.   43A65  
representations of infinite groups # integral    20C12  
representations of infinite symmetric groups   20C32  
representations of Lie and linear algebraic groups over global fields and ad\`ele rings   22E55  
representations of Lie and linear algebraic groups over local fields   22E50  
representations of Lie and linear algebraic groups over real fields: analytic methods   22E45  
representations of Lie and real algebraic groups: algebraic methods (Verma modules, etc.)   22E47  
representations of locally compact groups # other    22D12  
representations of locally compact groups # unitary    22D10  
representations of nilpotent and solvable Lie groups (special orbital integrals, non-type I representations, etc.)   22E27  
representations of orders, lattices, algebras over commutative rings   16G30  
representations of quivers and partially ordered sets   16G20  
representations of solutions   35Cxx  
representations of solutions of PDE # integral    35C15  
representations of sporadic groups   20C34  
representations of topological algebras   46H15  
representations of topological algebras with involution   46K10  
representations over local and global fields # representation-theoretic methods; automorphic    11F70  
representations related to algebraic numbers; Galois module structure of rings of integers # integral    11R33  
representations to physics # applications of group    20C35  
representations, algebraic theory (weights)   17B10  
representations, analytic theory   17B15  
representations, constructed kernels (e.g. Cauchy, Fantappi\`e-type kernels) # integral    32A26  
representations, etc.) # graph representations (geometric and intersection    05C62  
representations, integral operators, integral equations methods # integral    31A10  
representations, integral operators, integral equations methods # integral    31B10  
representations; canonical kernels (Szeg\"o, Bergman, etc.) # integral    32A25  
represented by polynomials; other multiplicative structure of polynomial values # primes    11N32  
representetion theories # spectral and    515.722  
reprinted articles # collections of    00B60  
reprintings or translations of classics # collected or selected works;    01A75  
reproducing kernels (= # Hilbert spaces with    46E22  
reproducing-kernel Hilbert spaces # operators in    47B32  
resampling methods   62G09  
research   001.4  
research   570.072  
research # operating    658.4034  
research and management science # operations    90Bxx  
research and planning # educational    97B10  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   00-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   01-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   03-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   05-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   06-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   08-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   11-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   12-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   13-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   14-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   15-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   16-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   17-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   18-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   19-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   20-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   22-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   26-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   28-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   30-02  
research exposition (monographs, survey articles)   31-02