• Collaborator of the COVAID group of the University of Bergamo in support of the intensive care unit of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital, Bergamo, Italy,
    for the analysis of data from patients with COVID-19.    
  • Collaboration with AVIS Comunale di Milano
    Collaboration with the Associazione Volontari Italiani del Sangue (Milan department) for the optimal donor flow management, provided free of charge to support the association's activities.
    Contact person of the association Sergio Casartelli (general director).
  • Collaboration with Paloma 2000
    Collaboration with the Social Cooperative Paloma 2000 for the optimal management of home care services, provided free of charge to support the cooperative's activities.
    Contact person of the cooperative Cecily Castelnovo.
  • Sistema di Monitoraggio Ambientale con Rete di sensori e Telemonitoraggio indossabile a supporto di servizi di salute, prevenzione e sicurezza per l'active aging - SMARTA
    Project funded by Regione Lombardia within the call Smart Cities and Communities.
    Contract collaborator for the project.
    Project developed from 2014 to 2015.