• Finalist for the Healthcare Automation Award 2019
    for the contribution A variable neighborhood search for home care scheduling under chargeable overtime and preference matching
    presented by A. Matta and authored by Y. Zhu, A. Matta, E. Lanzarone and N. Geng.
    IEEE CASE 2019 Conference, Vancouver, Canada, August 2019.
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  • Honorable mention as one of the three finalist papers for the INCOM Best Paper Award 2018
    for the contribution A data-driven districting to improve emergency medical service systems
    presented by E. Lanzarone and authored by F. Regis-Hernández, E. Lanzarone, V. Bélanger and A. Ruiz.
    IFAC INCOM 2018 Conference, Bergamo, June 2018.
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  • Finalist for the Italian Operations Research Association (AIRO) award on Operations Research for Social
    with the contribution An appointment scheduling framework to balance the production of blood bags from donation
    presented by E. Lanzarone and authored by E. Lanzarone, S. Baş, G. Carello and S. Yalçindağ.
    AIRO 2016 Conference, Trieste, September 2016.
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  • Italian National Bioengineering Group (GNB) award for Master Degree Thesis
    XXIII Annual School of Bioengineering, Brixen, September 2004.
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