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NANOcomposite NANOfibres for Treatment of air and Water by an Industrial Conception of Electrospinning

Matlab tool for analyzing SEM images of electrospun material

The GUI allows to detect anomalies in SEM images of Nanofibrous Material.

figureMain.m is the main file and it runs the Gui.

Then, it is necessary to load:

  • a model (one is included in the folder Data) containing the dictionary for the sparse coding and the density for the anomaly detection
  • a test image (40 test images are attached)

Then the sparse coding can be performed. Observe that it can take quite a long. To reduce the resolution of the anomaly detector, choose a large step size (e.g. step=15). A larger step size allows a faster sparse coding.

Once the sparse coding is performed, it is possible to modify the threshold to set the numbers of the detection.

Ask the GUI        Download sample images


  • Diego Carrera, Fabio Manganini, Giacomo Boracchi, Ettore Lanzarone
    Defect detection in SEM images of nanofibrous materials
    IEEE T Ind Inform 2017; 13(2): 555-61; ISSN 1551-3203

Sample images

Electrospinning by: Diego Omar Sanchez Ramirez (CNR-ISMAC), Luca Bonura (CNR-ITIA)

SEM imaging: Simona Ortelli (CNR-ISTEC)