New York (USA) 11 -- 15 August 2002

            Special Contributed Papers Session on 

                      BAYESIAN NONPARAMETRICS

Organiser :  Fabrizio   Ruggeri        (CNR-IMATI, Milano, Italy)

Chairman  :  Siva       Sivaganesan    (University of Cincinnati, USA)        

Lectures  1) Bruno      Betro'         (CNR-IMATI, Milano, Italy)
             ``The Accelerated Central Cutting Plane algorithm in the
	     numerical treatment of Bayesian global prior robustness 
	     problems ''

          2) David      Rios Insua     (U. Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain)
	     Alejandro  Garcia del Amo (U. Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain)
	     Regino     Criado         (U. Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain)
             ``On the foundations of robust Bayesian statistics''

          3) Fabrizio   Ruggeri        (CNR-IMATI, Milano, Italy)
             ``Some Results on Nonparametric Bayesian Robustness ''

          4) Brani      Vidakovic      (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA)
	     Claudia    Angelini       (CNR-IAC, Napoli, Italy)  
             ``Robust Bayes-Minimax Incorporation of Prior Information
	     in Wavelet Denoising Applications''

Discussant : Sining     Chen           (Duke University, USA)        

(*) denotes the speaker

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