CAGD and Wavelet Methods for Reconstructing Functions

June 15--17, 1998, Montecatini, Italy

This will be a tightly focused meeting sponsored by the IAMI (mathematics institute of the Italian Research Foundation CNR), by the Department of Mathematics (University of Milan), and by the University of Florence. Topics to be discussed at the meeting include radial basis functions, splines, and wavelets. The following are scheduled to give invited lectures:

R. Beatson, M. Buhmann, A. Cohen, W. Dahmen, C. deBoor, R. DeVore, D. Donoho, M. Floater, S. Mallat, P. Sablonniere, R. Schaback, L. Schumaker, J. Ward, G. Weiss

The meeting is by invitation only since the number of participants is severely limited by logistics. A small number of contributed talks will be scheduled. If you are interested in attending, send an email to Mira Bozzini at The deadline for applying is March 15, and invitations will be issued in early April.

The organizing committee

Mira Bozzini, Univ. Milan,
Ron DeVore, Univ. South Carolina,
Robert Schaback, Univ. Goettingen,
L. L. Schumaker, Vanderbilt University,

Local organizers

Mira Bozzini,
Ferruccio Fontanella, Univ. Florence,
Licia Lenarduzzi,