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   European Safety & Reliability International Conference

                    TOWARDS A SAFER WORLD

              Torino, Italy, September, 16-20, 2001 

                          Session on 


Organiser :  Fabrizio   Ruggeri       (CNR-IAMI, Milano, Italy)

Lectures  1) Maurizio   Guida (*)     (CNR-IM, Napoli, Italy)
             Gianpaolo  Pulcini       (CNR-IM, Napoli, Italy)
             ``A Bayes approach in the automotive components
               reliability testing and development''

          2) David      Rios Insua    (Univ. Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain) 
             ``Some aspects of industrial accident forecasting''

          3) Fabrizio   Ruggeri       (CNR-IAMI, Milano, Italy) 
             ``Bayesian nonparametric analysis of failures in a gas 
               distribution network''

          4) Fabio      Spizzichino   (Univ. ``La Sapienza'', Roma, Italy)
             ``Sequential versus non-sequential burn-in procedures: 
               discussing the cases of stochastic dependent lifetimes''

          5) Simon      Wilson        (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
             ``Reliability predictions for orthopaedic hip replacements, 
               based on damage accumulation data''

          6) Michael     Wiper        (Univ. Carlos III, Madrid, Spain)
             ``Bayesian inference for some fault based software
               reliability models given metrics data''

(*) denotes the speaker

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