Chicago (USA) 4 -- 8 August 1996

            Special Contributed Papers Session on 

                      LOSS ROBUSTNESS 

Organiser :  Fabrizio Ruggeri       (CNR-IAMI, Milano, Italy)

Chairman  :  Fabrizio Ruggeri       (CNR-IAMI, Milano, Italy)

Lectures  1) Sudip    Bose(*)       (G. Washington University, USA),
             Dipak    Dey           (University of Connecticut, USA), 
             Kuo-Ren  Lou           (University of Connecticut, USA) and 
             Emanuele Taufer        (G. Washington University, USA)
             ``Optimal actions for uncertain loss''
          2) Udi      Makov         (Haifa, Israel)
             ``Bayesian loss-robustness: a search for a definition''
          3) Jacinto  Martin(*)     (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain),
             David    Rios Insua    (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain) and
             Fabrizio Ruggeri       (CNR-IAMI, Milano, Italy) 
             ``Checking dominance for several classes of utility functions''
          4) Cidambi  Srinivasan(*) (Kentucky, USA) and
             Joseph   Kadane        (Carnegie Mellon, USA)
             ``Loss Robustness of Bayes Decisions and Stability''

Discussant:  Bruno    Betro`        (CNR-IAMI, Milano, Italy)

(*) denotes the speaker

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