ABS12 - 2012 Applied Bayesian Statistics School


Pavia, Italy

September, 3-7, 2012


Monday September 3

·  [13.00-          ] Registration

·  [14.00-16.00] Introduction to Markov processes

·  [16.00-16.30] Break

·  [16.30-17.30] Review of Bayesian inference

·  [17.30-19.15] Participants' Talks (15 minutes each, at most)

·        Simona Arcuti
      Spatio-temporal models for zero-inflated data: an application to

            the abundance data of two crustaceans species in the Ionian Sea

·        Maja Czokow

     Bayesian networks in detecting key structure features of a spring

     system in exploring proteins conformations

·        Martina Feilke

Bayesian spatial analysis of FRAP-images

·        Luca Ferreri

A discrete stochastic model of the transmission cycle of the tick

borne encephalitis virus

·        Thijs Janzen

Diversification in a dynamic landscape

·        Eugenia Koblents

A novel population Monte Carlo method for Bayesian inference

and its application to stochastic kinetic models

·        Laura Martin Fernandez

Particle filter estimation in a stochastic predator-prey model


·  [20.00-22.00] Welcome buffet at Osteria alle Carceri, Via F.lli Marozzi, 7

Tuesday September 4

·  [09.00-10.30] Bayesian computation

·  [10.30-11.00] Break

·  [11.00-12.30] Likelihood free inference for Markov processes and pMCMC

·  [12.30-14.00] Lunch at La Bouvette dell'Ingegnere (next to CNR IMATI)

·  [14.00-16.00] PRACTICAL SESSION : Stochastic simulation and Bayesian computing

·  [16.15-18.45] Participants' Talks (15 minutes each, at most)

·        Michal Matuszak

Application of the Bayesian influence diagram framework to the

ramified optimal transport problem

·        Preetam Nandy and Michael Unger

Optimal perturbations for the identification of stochastic

reaction dynamics

·        Robert Ness

Causal network modeling for drug target discovery

·        Hossein Farid Ghassem Nia

Bayesian decision making in computer vision with an approach to

industrial automation

·        Gian Marco Palamara

Statistical inference for temperature dependent logistic time series

·        Jaroslaw Piersa

Statistical description of functional neural networks

·        Ihor Smal

Sequential Monte Carlo methods for multiple object tracking in

molecular bioimaging

·        Sofia Tsepletidou

Computational Bayesian tools for modeling the aging process

·        Giorgio Vacchiano

Modeling dynamics of forest ecosystems

·        Felix Weidemann

A Bayesian approach to infectious disease modelling using

ordinary differential equations: rotavirus in Germany

Wednesday September 5

·  [09.00-10.30] Examples, code, and posterior analysis

·  [10.30-11.00] Break

·  [11.00-13.00] PRACTICAL SESSION: Bayesian inference for Markov processes

·  [13.00-          ] Free afternoon and evening

Thursday September 6

·  [09.00-11.00] Biochemical networks and stochastic kinetics

·  [11.00-11.30] Break

·  [11.30-12.30] Diffusion approximations, and extrinsic noise

·  [12.30-14.00] Lunch at La Bouvette dell'Ingegnere (next to CNR IMATI)

·  [14.00-15.30] Case studies

·  [15.30-16.00] Break

·  [16.00-18.00] PRACTICAL SESSION: Simulation and Bayesian inference for stochastic kinetic biochemical network models

·  [20.00-          ] Farewell dinner at Antica Osteria del Previ, Via Milazzo 65

Friday September 7

·  [09.00-11.00] Bayesian inference for SDEs

·  [11.00-11.30] Break

·  [11.30-13.00] Linear noise and moment closure approximations