Eighth Workshop on


CNR-IMATI, Milan (MI), Italy

June, 6-8, 2013


Thursday June 6th:

  • 13:30-14:30

  • 14:30-16:00 Session 1
    Chair: Antonio Pievatolo

    E. Arjas (University of Helsinki, Finland),
    Time to consider time, and time to predict?
    V. Dukic (University of Colorado, USA),
    Bayesian inference in structured epidemics.

  • 16:00-16:30

  • 16:30-18:00 Session 2
    Chair: Refik Soyer

    T. Broderick (University of California at Berkeley, USA),
    Clusters and features from combinatorial stochastic processes.
    R. Casarin (University of Venezia, Italy),
    Beta-product dependent Pitman-Yor process prior for Bayesian inference.
    M. Haran (Pennsylvania State University, USA),
    Inference with implicit likelihoods.

  • 18:00-
    Poster session and welcome reception at CNR-IMATI

Friday June 7th:

  • 9:00–10:30 Session 3
    Chair: Simon Wilson

    E. Lanzarone (CNR-IMATI, Italy),
    Bayesian estimation of thermal conductivity and temperature profile in homogeneous masses.
    A.P. Palacios (Plymouth University, UK),
    Bayesian inference for a stochastic growth process.
    V.D. Mayrink (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil),
    Sparse latent factor models with interactions: analysis of gene expression data.

  • 10:30–11:00

  • 11:00–12:30 Session 4
    Chair: Alexandra Schmidt

    M. Peruggia (Ohio State University, USA),
    Bayesian models for sequences of response time data.
    F. Lindgren (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway),
    Constructing credible regions for contours and excursions.

  • 12:30–14:00
    break (free time for lunch, we will suggest some possible restaurants)

  • 14:00–15:40 Session 5
    Chair: Bruno Betrò

    S. Särkkä (Aalto University, Finland),
    Importance sampling of discretely observed multivariate diffusion processes via the Girsanov theorem.
    S. Kou (Harvard University, USA),
    Bayesian multi-resolution inference of stochastic models from partially observed data.
    A. Golightly (Newcastle University, UK),
    Auxiliary particle MCMC schemes for partially observed diffusion processes.
    C.C. Drovandi (Queensland University of Technology, Australia),
    Bayesian experimental design for stochastic biological models with computational demanding likelihoods.
    J. Carson (University of Nottingham, UK),
    What drives the glacial-interglacial cycle? A Bayesian approach to a long-standing model selection problem.

  • 17:15; 17:30; 17:45
    guided tour of Pinacoteca di Brera (times for the three groups)

  • 20:30-
    Conference dinner at Osteria del Treno

Saturday June 8th:

  • 9:00–10:40 Session 6
    Chair: Mike Wiper

    A. Beskos (National University of Singapore, Singapore),
    Sequential Monte-Carlo methods for applications in high dimensions.
    S.C. Schmidler (Duke University, USA),
    Bayesian inference for correlated diffusions in shape spaces with applications to phylogenetics.
    P. Blackwell (University of Sheffield, UK),
    Simulation-based Bayesian inference for animal movement in continuous time.
    E. Knock (University of Nottingham, UK),
    Bayesian non-parametric inference for stochastic epidemic models.
    S. Fortini (Bocconi University, Milano),
    Predictive characterization of priors for Bayesian inference for Markov exchangeable processes.

  • 10:40–11:10

  • 11:10–12:40 Session 7
    Chair: Sonia Petrone

    A. Lijoi (University of Pavia, Italy),
    Canonical correlations and dependent prior processes.
    B. Sansò (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA),
    Seasonal marked point processes for hurricane occurrences and attributes.

  • 12:40–14:00
    break (free time for lunch, we will suggest some possible restaurants)

  • 14:00–16:00 Session 8
    Chair: Fabrizio Ruggeri

    O. Anacleto (Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK),
    Dynamic chain graph models for multivariate time series.
    V. Berrocal (University of Michigan, USA),
    A class of generalized conditionally autoregressive models.
    B. Kim (George Washington University, USA),
    Dynamic Bayes network approach to market basket analysis.
    R. Lemos (University of Queensland, Australia),
    Growth, reproduction and death: an integrated model for fish stocks.

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