Eighth Workshop on


CNR-IMATI, Milan (MI), Italy

June, 6-8, 2013

Invited lecturers:

  • Elja Arjas (University of Helsinki, Finland)
    Time to consider time, and time to predict?
    Abstract BISP8.01
  • Vanja Dukic (University of Colorado, USA)
    Bayesian inference in structured epidemics
    Abstract BISP8.02
  • Antonio Lijoi (University of Pavia, Italy)
    Canonical correlations and dependent prior processes
    Abstract BISP8.03
  • Finn Lindgren (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
    Constructing credible regions for contours and excursions
    Abstract BISP8.04
  • Mario Peruggia (Ohio State University, USA)
    Bayesian Models for Sequences of Response Time Data
    Abstract BISP8.05
  • Bruno Sansò (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA)
    Seasonal marked point processes for hurricane occurrences and attributes
    Abstract BISP8.06

Young researchers invited to contribute:

  • Osvaldo Anacleto (Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK)
    Dynamic chain graph models for multivariate time series
    Abstract BISP8.07
  • Veronica Berrocal (University of Michigan, USA)
    A class of generalized conditionally autoregressive models
    Abstract BISP8.08
  • Tamara Broderick (University of California at Berkeley, USA)
    Clusters and features from combinatorial stochastic processes
    Abstract BISP8.09
  • Roberto Casarin (University of Venezia, Italy)
    Beta-product dependent Pitman-Yor process prior for Bayesian inference
    Abstract BISP8.10
  • Murali Haran (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
    Inference with Implicit Likelihoods
    Abstract BISP8.11
  • Bumsoo Kim (George Washington University, USA)
    Dynamic Bayes network approach to market basket analysis
    Abstract BISP8.12
  • Ettore Lanzarone (CNR-IMATI, Italy)
    Bayesian estimation of thermal conductivity and temperature profile in homogeneous masses
    Abstract BISP8.13
  • Ricardo Lemos (University of Queensland, Australia)
    Growth, reproduction and death: an integrated model for fish stocks
    Abstract BISP8.14
  • Vinicius Diniz Mayrink (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
    Sparse latent factor models with interactions: analysis of gene expression data
    Abstract BISP8.15
  • Ana Paula Palacios (Plymouth University, UK)
    Bayesian inference for a stochastic growth process
    Abstract BISP8.16

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